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Nanaimo Bar Recommendations

“Thank you for introducing me to these addictive delights.” – Barbara Snow

“Everyone LOVED your Nanaimo Bars, especially the original (Canadian) version.” – Bobette Jones

“I preferred the less sweet version (American Nanaimo Bars). Why? Because I could have eaten more lol. They were both pretty awesome and I would knock back either one!” – Claire Beynon

“We had friends over today for drinks and Nanaimo bars.  Our friends had never heard of them.  Let’s say between the four of us we polished off half the container you delivered.  My husband and I definitely enjoyed the Canadian version.  Our friends will definitely be ordering some from you.” – Dawn

“Thank you for the bars. They were delicious. It was hard to decide which one I liked better because they were both good. I guess I would pick the one with less cream as my favorite. Good luck with your business. I will order some bars in the future.” – D. L.

“Thank you for the delicious bar; it was enjoyable for a Saturday afternoon. I enjoyed meeting you and look forward to purchasing Nanaimo (Bars).” – D. H.

“I loved your Nanaimo bars. I ran into some fellow Canadians who were renting the Airbnb upstairs from me. I gave them a square to try. They loved it. One of them even said it was the best Nanaimo bar she had ever had.” – Heather Griffiths

“I saw David’s offer for 2 free bars on Dec 27 and sent him an email. On the 28th, he called and set a delivery time. The bars were so sweet – we did let them thaw first so we could get full flavor, but some eat them as a frozen treat. They melted in my mouth and the flavors blended perfectly. David is very friendly and helpful. You won’t regret getting some of those bars, but you might regret not getting them before New Year’s Day as the price went up slightly. Just go ahead and buy 16 of them if you have any room in your freezer. If no room there, refrigerate them or share with friends. I haven’t tried the brownies or carrot cake, but based on the tasting of the Nanaimo Bars, I am sure those are excellent, too.” – Karen Kuenzel

“I just LOVE the Nanaimo bars.  My only problem I have with them is that I CAN’T STOP EATING THEM!!!  (They even are great right out of the freezer!). Anyone who has eaten them has died and gone to heaven for sure!!! – Luisa Nelson

“Did share one with friend across street…she is now addicted!! They taste like heaven. Thanks.” – Lynda Frome

“The less sweet bar (American) was simply delightful. The chocolate was exquisite. I wanted more. Overall, both bars were good. I know I want more of the less sweet bars (American) and I really want to experience the traditional ones (Canadian) again.” – Lynn

“Love the bars! Rich but not too sweet. The chewy base is a great satisfying combo of chocolate, coconut and walnuts, and the icing and chocolate glaze works great with the base. It’s a winner! – M.A.

“Morning David I gave one to my house-mate. She’s a baker – she said (it was) the best dessert she’s had in Ecuador since she got here 4 years ago. They are delicious! Best of luck to you!” – Marilyn Steenburg

“First of all, we really liked them. The bars were better at room temp rather than refrigerated (we had pieces of them both ways). The chocolate was lovely and balanced in terms of the amount; it was flavorful and not too strong or bitter. The bars were certainly sweet, but not cloyingly so. I would still like them with a tad less sugar, but not my husband.” – M.Z.

“Your family recipe is the best! The bars are rich and delicious. Thanks.” – P.G.

“They were too good!” – R. S.

“I love the texture; the taste of the coconut and the chocolate is very rich. While I love the sweetness, it is very rich. I would definitely recommend it for anyone wanting to satisfy their sweet tooth. Because of the richness, I would even half the triangle so that they are nearly bite size. I think (it would be) great to have for guests and visitors with maybe a coffee after dinner. I would definitely order them on a special occasion because they are unique and different.” – Rob Lumpkin

“This dessert definitely makes the most wanted list. It’s a winner. Thank you for allowing me to sample (this) Canadian cuisine.” – Anon.

“If you have not tried these you are missing out. (David) also has delicious brownies and carrot cake but I am so fond of the Nanaimo (bars) I always order them instead. They are different and delicious. I’d rather have one of these bars than a slice of chocolate cake, and I love chocolate cake. He even delivers. They are habit forming and tend to produce smiles. They are always available.” – Sherry Nadeau

“Two weeks ago, I opened for myself some Canadian Nanaimo bars, and they tasted like heaven. I bought a half of slab (8 pieces) from David and it was my special treat for a week. I also bought yogurt from him and I must say it is the best tasting yogurt in Cuenca and extremely healthy too. Cream’O’Gurt yogurt has 13 identified strains of bacteria and 250 billion live cultures in a one-liter bottle. And it lasts up to 6 weeks in the fridge. I highly recommend these products. And one important thing more, Dave can deliver your order to your door. He delivers by bicycle or you can pick it up from him.” – Natasha Geidarova

Soup Recommendations/Testimonials

“I thawed, heated and ate one of your Roasted Sweet Onion/Roasted Tomato soups last night–FANTASTIC! What a pleasure to eat soup not laden with salt and too-many-herbs! The pure taste of the vegetables was a delight.”

“The four jars I have are 12 ounces–about eleven ounces of soup allowing for the freezing space. That is a perfect ‘serving’ size.” – Marcia Kowske

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