Sourdough Bread


Sourdough is a natural yeast-leavened bread made from various cereals without added commercial yeast. It has a distinct sour flavor that has been enjoyed for thousands of years.
Our sourdough bread is baked by Rafael, a Venezuelan ex-pat living here in Cuenca. He makes it by hand, using natural sea salt, without additives or preservatives.
An autolyze technique is used for all 3 types, after which the loaves are formed and baked.
Bread Type
  • The Classic sourdough bread is made with liquid, 80% white flour, 10% whole wheat flour, sourdough "mother", and natural sea salt.
  • The Beer Yeast sourdough bread is made with liquid, 90% white flour, sourdough "mother" with smoked beer yeast, and natural sea salt.
  • The Whole Wheat sourdough bread is made with liquid, 80% whole wheat flour, 10% oat flour, sourdough "mother", and natural sea salt.
  • The Classic, Beer Yeast, and Whole Wheat bread w/milk have milk, butter, and honey added in order to make a softer crust and texture. These loaves can only be ordered in the "Rectangular" shape.
Flavor: The "Sharp" option of our sourdough bread is a little heavier with a more distinct European sourdough taste than the "Mild". This is achieved by using a little more of the "mother" and allowing it to ferment longer.
Seeds: Choose "With seeds" or "Without seeds". The seeds are flax and sesame.
Raisins: Choose "With raisins" or "Without raisins".
Loaf Shape: Choose between "Rectangular" and "Round".  Note: The Sourdough bread w/milk can only be ordered in the rectangular shape.
Cut: Choose between "Sliced" and "Unsliced".
Salt: Choose between "Regular salt" and "Low salt". "Low salt" has 1/4 the amount of "Regular salt".


You have many options to choose from to get exactly the taste you're looking for. Savour your sourdough bread along with a bowl of Dave's gourmet soup, or with butter and your favorite spread. Or you might choose to have it with a cup of coffee, tea, or milk. Your choices; our pleasure. 😊

Additional information


Classic ($4.00), Classic w/milk ($4.00), Beer Yeast ($4.00), Beer Yeast w/milk ($4.00), Whole Wheat ($5.00), Whole Wheat w/milk ($5.00)


Sharp, Mild


Without seeds, With seeds


Without raisins, With raisins (+$1.00)

Loaf Shape

Rectangular, Round


Sliced (+$0.50), Unsliced


Regular Salt, Low Salt

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