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At Dave’s Earth-Friendly Yearnings, we really do “treat you and Planet Earth with dignity”. This means sourcing organic ingredients for your treats as much as possible, delivering by bicycle (no pollution), and using environmentally-friendly packaging (no single-use plastics).

The Environmental 3Rs, Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle, are an integral part of our business model.

That’s why we’re working with you to reuse our product containers. We’ve set up a fair, sustainable system of deposits for our glass soup jars and plastic dessert containers.

Soup Jar Return

For example, when you buy a soup, you pay a $1 deposit for the glass jar. When you make your next order, you can return the empty, clean jar to be refunded your $1.

How can you do that here on the website? You want to go to the product page “Soup Jar Deposit Return ($1.00)”. You can get there from the “Soups” page. Or you can get there by clicking the blue link “Soup Jar Deposit Return”, under the blue “Add to Cart” button on every Soup product page. You can also get there by clicking on the blue link “Return your empty Soup Jar to be credited your $1.00 Deposit”, at the bottom of the Description of the soup.

See the highlighted items in the following screenshots to better understand what we’re talking about.

Once you’re on the “Soup Jar Deposit Return (-$1.00)” page, simply select the quantity of empty soup jars you have to return and press “Add to Cart”. You’ll be credited your returning deposit(s) with that order.

You might notice above the quantity selector the amount of “$0.00”. This should be “-$1.00”, but the e-commerce system (WooCommerce) can’t handle negative $ amounts. That’s why we’ve labelled this page “Soup Jar Deposit Return (-$1.00).” And under that as well you’ll see “*Return your empty 477 ml soup jar to be credited for your $1.00 deposit”.

Dessert Containers

The Refundable Dessert Container Deposit Return is set up the same way as the Soup Jar Deposit Return.

On the “Desserts” page you can select “Refundable Container Deposit Return (-$1.50)”. Once on that page, select the number of Dessert Containers you have to return and press the blue “Add to Cart” button. You’ll be credited for the dessert containers you’re returning in that Order.

You can also get to the “Refundable Container Deposit Return (-$1.50)” page by clicking on the “Refundable Container Deposit Return” or “Return your empty Refundable Container to be credited your $1.50 deposit” links on every dessert product page.

For some desserts (Nanaimo Bars and Brownies), you can choose to have them come in the Refundable Container, or not (Since these desserts are frozen and wrapped in wax paper, they can be handled and transferred to your own container or bag on delivery).

How do you make that choice? Go to a dessert page (e.g. Nanaimo Bars). Above the blue “Add to Cart” button, you’ll see “Refundable Container”, and a dropdown with “Deposit ($1.50)” and “No Container ($0.00)” Simply choose from the dropdown if you want to take your dessert in the container (Deposit ($1.50), or not (No Container ($0.00).

See the highlighted area in the following screenshot to better understand what we’re talking about.

This option isn’t available for Elsie’s Carrot Cake as this dessert isn’t packed in wax paper (because of the icing), so can’t be removed from its container on delivery.

Bottle Return (Yogurt, Laundry Detergent and Dishwashing Liquid)

Although we don’t have a deposit on these bottles, we do reuse them. Please rinse them out, remembering to save the lids. When you have any of these bottles to return, simply give them to your delivery man when you get your next order.

We can help Melody of Plants (the producer of these products) keep their prices as low as possible by making sure the yogurt bottles are reasonably cleaned. As no preservatives are used, mold will start to grow immediately when the empty yogurt bottle is at room temperature. We can avoid this by following these steps:

  1. When you’ve emptied your bottle of yogurt, immediately fill it completely with water.
  2. Next time you’re washing dishes, shake all the water out.
  3. Put a drop of dishwashing liquid in the bottle and fill half full of hot/warm water.
  4. Agitate well, drain and rinse.
  5. You’ve now removed all the yogurt residue from the bottle, and Melody of Plants won’t have to spend extra time cleaning stubborn mold from it.

If you have any questions or suggestions about the packaging at DEFY, or how the container deposit system works, just email us and we’ll be happy to clarify things.

DEFY: Striving to “treat you and Planet Earth, with dignity”.

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