Move for Health (post # 10)

Last week we examined the collective costs of inactivity and what we can do personally. In this final post, I’ll share why I’ve been so interested in exercise all my life and how it’s helped me personally. I’ve always had a keen interest in health. You see, I was born...

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Move for Health (post 9)

Last week we pointed out 2 things we must do when deciding to move from a sedentary lifestyle to one including exercise. This week we’ll consider some of the collective costs of not being active. The costs of inactivity are immense. Back in 2001 the CDC (Centers for...

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Move for Health (post 8)

Last week we were able to conclude that the human body was designed to run. And we’ve considered abundant evidence for the health benefits of exercising. This week we’ll look at two things we’ll want to make sure to do when just starting to exercise. Aside from the...

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Move for Health (post 7)

Last week we talked about how exercise can prevent some serious and even deadly diseases. This week we’ll look at evidence showing the body was designed to run. A New York Times article made the argument that The Human Body is Built for Distance. Based on scientific...

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Move for Health (post 6)

Last week we discussed some of the basic ways exercise can improve our health and quality of life. This week we’ll examine how it can prevent some of the more serious health problems. Regular exercise can help protect us from the following health issues: Peripheral...

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Move for Health (post #5)

Last week we examined the wonderful benefits our brain receives from exercise. This week we’ll see what the Mayo Clinic and the American Heart Association have to say about the benefits of exercise. According to the Mayo Clinic exercise can improve our lives in the...

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Move for Health (post #4)

Last week we looked at which muscle in the body is the strongest, and found that it really depends on the definition of “strongest”. This week we’ll see how exercise benefits our brain. In my Special Report “The Mind”, I talk at length about the wonderful design of...

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Move for Health (post #3)

Last week, we delved into the amazing design of various parts of our body. This week, I promised to reveal which muscle in our body is the strongest. So, which muscle is it? Well, that depends… It really depends on how we define “strongest”. If by strongest we mean...

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Move for Health (post 2)

Last week we acknowledged that the human body is the most complex biological mechanism on earth. But for it to work properly, we need to look after it. Benjamin Franklin said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. (b. January 17, 1706. d. April 17, 1790....

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Move for Health (post 1)

“If anything is sacred, the human body is sacred” - Walt Whitman (b. May 31, 1819. d. March 26, 1892. Influential American poet, essayist, and journalist). “Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.” - Jim Rohn (b. September 17, 1930. d. December...

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