About DEFY

The “Why” of DEFY The Cliff-Notes Version

  • Love nature
  • Love cycling
  • Love cooking great dishes (for others)
  • Road bike is a Giant Defy
  • Ergo: DEFY (Dave’s Earth-Friendly Yearnings)
  • Use reusable/recyclable packaging
  • Make and deliver organic, vegetarian, gourmet treats by bicycle


Dave’s Story

Hi there! I’m Dave. I’d like to share a little background about myself and the “why” of DEFY (Dave’s Earth-Friendly Yearnings).

I’ve always been interested in health and fitness. Growing up, I enjoyed many different sports: hockey, baseball, basketball, badminton and table tennis, just to name a few. I don’t think there was a sport I tried that I didn’t enjoy.

As well, my mother was very interested in nutrition. She had numerous cookbooks by Adelle Davis, and was a great cook. We always had fresh whole wheat bread and many other tasty, nutritious treats.

My first job while in High School was washing dishes at a higher-end restaurant in our little town. I got my first taste (pun intended) of some of the finer (foods) in life. As an added bonus, to this day I don’t mind washing dishes.

As a young adult my sports interests expanded to hiking, wilderness camping, canoeing, cycling and climbing. You can see my focus was now more on the outdoors, and I came to love nature.

While hiking in remote areas over the years I was shocked and saddened to see all the garbage lying about: broken bottles, plastic bags, etc. It hurt me to see what we were doing to our planet, even in wilderness areas.

Two more things took place to mold me to be uniquely qualified to build the business called DEFY.

First, I got more into cycling. I started to commute to work. My knowledge, experience and respect for cycling grew. I give credit for much of this to my friend Terry, who taught me so much about cycling and many other things having to do with the outdoors.

I learned that the bicycle is the most efficient form of transportation known to man. Also, it produces no pollution, and is great for your health.

Second, I had the opportunity to work with my friend John (Gino) and his wife Leona doing catering work. John is a truly gifted chef, and I learned so much from him about preparing “knock-your-socks-off” dishes.

I fondly remember the many times guests would exclaim they’d never experienced a meal as incredible as what they’d had from us. Catering was brutally hard work. But it was very rewarding and satisfying at the same time, working with a great team of friends!

So, you can see I love nature, cycling and great food. Bringing these passions together, I’ve created DEFY to “satisfy your yearnings by delivering organic, vegetarian, gourmet treats, in an earth-friendly way”. My purpose is to “TREAT YOU and PLANET EARTH, with DIGNITY”.

I’ve got two bicycles. The first one is a Haro mountain bike, which I use to deliver your Treats 😎. Zero pollution is produced delivering your gourmet treats! The second is a road bike, a Giant Defy, which helped to inspire the name of my business.

I focus on offering mouth-watering soups and desserts. They’re frozen, which gives you convenience and flexibility deciding exactly when you want to indulge in your Treat.

I strive to give you great value for your money. This is done using the finest quality ingredients. Then by selling the desserts in “slabs” (volume), or wholesale. And when you order 12 soups or desserts, the 13th one is free.

The dessert containers are plastic, which we reuse. The soups come in glass jars, which we also reuse. I avoid using single-use plastics.

I’m also happy to bring you other quality products, like the incomparable Melody of Plants.

Well, I hope this gives you an idea of who and why I am, as well as the “why” of my business DEFY. I’m looking forward to meeting you soon, and “treating you and planet earth, with dignity”. 😃


Final Details

Hey, you already know plenty about me. But maybe you’d like to know a little more about what I’ve done and am currently doing in my “spare” time.

I really do love helping others. And so, my greatest passion is my Missionary work, where I teach those wanting to learn the world’s most available yet most misunderstood book, the Bible.

My passion for cycling has taken me from Cuenca to Guayaquil 3 times on my mountain bike. I’m looking forward to going again, this time on my Giant Defy road bike.

Ecuador is a mountain climber’s paradise. I’ve climbed Illiniza Sur, Cotopaxi, and Sangay. My attempt on Chimborazo was cut short, sooo close to the top. Next goal: Back to Chimborazo to see the summit.

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